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Robert Pan

Σταλακτίτης, la vita nella materia | ROBERT PAN

Nuova Galleria Morone presents the solo exhibition of artist Robert Pan (Bolzano, 1969) entitled Σταλακτίτης, life in matter: a new cycle of unedited works, the result of the last two years of work. The Greek word σταλακτίτης, stalactite, derives from the verb σταλάζω, which means to drip, a slow and continuous precipitation, which over time gives form to this extraordinarily fascinating element with atypical conformations, which cannot be ascribed within a single aesthetic typology. Matter and layering are also protagonists in Robert Pan's works, which involve a careful and artificial analytical operation, which consists, as a first procedure, in constantly dripping layers of pigments and resins onto mesh supports, alternating the overlapping of materials, corrosion, sanding and polishing. The material thus becomes an...

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