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Alessandro Saturno

Alessandro Saturno was born in Naples in 1983. Since childhood his passion for drawing and colors had driven him to attend the most important Art Schools in his town, first “SS Apostoli” Lyceum and then, the Painting Art Academy where he focused on the study and the practice of gestures through the traditional painting techniques.

In 2008 he moved to Bologna and he finished the Artistic Studies by attending the “Clementina” Art Academy. Just then he achieved the painting solutions that characterize his artistic research nowadays.

The choice of a palette, turning on the light blue, the green, the violet, the pink and the orange, creates a shade painting made by light and refined contrasts.

His research for the possible and impossible body shapes and for its hidden consistency, far from the visible and the carnal substance, leads Alessandro Saturno’s figures in a journey of reminiscences.

Lives and works in Bologna.