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Davide Coltro

Davide Coltro is an Italian artist who was born in 1967, live in Milan. After a brief period when Davide experienced abstract painting with synthetic materials, he realized the potential of the digital world and started a path in creation beyond the material by taking on the classical genres of figure, portrait, landscape, and still life through contemporary vision. Davide elaborates on a technique of medium color derived from the mathematical average of all the color tones inside the image. Davide soon started to dedicate more attention to research that was pointed toward the use of mass technology. This enabled him, with innovative architectures, to modify the standards of creation, dissemination, and enjoyment of art. His research led Davide to the invention of the electronic work of art or “System” which is an ongoing project. Davide’s electronic works of art have been widely seen and have received substantial public exposure. Nevertheless, “even after 15 years of work, I still consider this the beginning of the research path.” On this basis he can assemble the systems into large installations that modify the perception of the wearer for the dimensions above him and the kaleidoscopic change that does not allow to fix the impression. Among them, the monumental RES-PUBLICA I, presented at the 54th Venice Biennale curated by Bice Curiger in 2011, concludes one of the most important researches on the contemporary Italian landscape.