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Félix Curto

Spanish artist born in 1967. Félix Curto has had several gallery and museum exhibitions.
His work is a harmonic and nostalgic fusion of the history of diverse objects and their relation to his own experience. Through different media and the use of found objects he re-lives the poetic and nostalgic aspects of a recent past.
His work develops around the idea of travel in the physical and geographical sense of the word, as well as through his unconscious and imagination: motels, old cars, highways and landscapes are all recurring motifs in his work. Texts, written with diverse materials such as chalk or neon, or simply carved on the object, float on its surface and exist, in its isolation and simplicity, as a fundamental part of the artwork recontextualization.
The elements he uses make evident the several techniques where Curto’s imaginary comes from. His photographs and diverse paintings and objects conform fragmented experiences with a strong influence from road movies. Usually he includes in his shows fragments of his travels: billboards, records, signs, or boxes that are collected and re-elaborated as a part of the authors personal vocabulary.
Works and lives between Salamanca (Spain) and Mexico City