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IL RETRO DEL CUORE | Drunkenrabbit

Nuova Galleria Morone presents, in the Project Room, “Il Retro del Cuore”, personal show of Drunkenrabbit.

“Il Retro del Cuore” is an emotional path through threads, seen as blood vessels that lead to the beeting heart of each of us. The cornerstone of any question: honor the time, the memories, and the wonderful weakness that makes us human being.

The entire path of the exhibition is tied to the thread. The thread as a link through time and space. The thread that articulate duration and quantity as a clock (as in the titles of the hearts 9,5 mt d’amore, 2 mt d’amore…).
With these works, the artist analyses various aspects of everyday life. A repetitive gesture that take away the mind from daily thoughts. A ancient gesture that gets lost over time.
The ancestral aspect of sewing, linked to the myth’s poetic: from Penelope who, during the night, unpick the canvas she have built during the day, to the great-grandmother who, at sunset, unpick the neckline of the only dress she has, in order to sew an other one, giving the impression that she has a new dress.
During the period of the exhibition, the artist will embroider – work in progress – a giant heart that metaphorically annunciate the duration of the show.
A serie of drawings complete the exhibition – “Della morte dell’amore”? – bowed on handmade paper. Refering to titles of movies, connected to the illustrations.

I was born in Brescia in 1986, I grew up in grandma’s house, surrounded by art, literature, attics full of old toys. The bedtime stories were the Iliad, the Odyssey, Wilde and Andersen tales and family stories.
I started drawing when I was a child, and I never stopped.
I graduated in 2008 in Interior Design at NABA, Milan, then I decided to go in San Francisco for a short experience as Marina Cain’s assistant in Cain Schulte Gallery.
In the beginning of 2010 I founded the collective r-EVOLution ( and the year after I gave birth to my best work of art: my son Marcello.

8 JUNE 2017
08.06 | 14.07.2017
Past, Project Room