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Marco Ferri

Marco Ferri was born in 1968 in Tarquinia, a small town with a great history, which preserves the Etruscan Necropolis, a Unesco heritage.
As a child he spent hours and hours drawing, playing to animate signs, stories and adventures. Still a teenager, he was lucky enough to participate in the Etruscan Ludens ceramic workshop, conceived and directed by the great Chilean artist Sebastian Matta. The encounter with ceramics, sculpture and the visionary world of Matta formed the choice to devote himself to artistic work.
Memory, the passage of time and the wonder at the beauty of the world are his stylistic code. The game of keeping the work open is shown both in the works and in the titles, characterized by puns, with ample room for ambiguity and freedom of rethinking.
Sculptor, ceramist, painter, Marco Ferri tries, through the material, to give abstract form to what cannot be seen, but feels inside. Curious and in love with everything, Marco explores everything he encounters in his world: paper, colors, wax, wood, iron, glass.
The manipulation of matter becomes the means to build a new, imaginative reality.
His works live on light, color and time: the gaze passes through in an instant a multitude of emotional states that lead the viewer to another when.
He began his exhibition career with ceramic works, then his research led him to discover a pictorial or painted sculpture with abstract works that he presented for the first time at the 2011 exhibition “Per certain versi”, at the Bonioni Gallery in Reggio Emilia. Multiple solutions and experiments follow one another over time, up to today’s predominance of pictorial work in the series “Emotional motifs” and “On the other hand”, which presents monochrome surfaces expertly affected by rust and patinas.