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Madi Gamondés

Argentinean visual and sound artist born in Buenos Aires in 1991.
I graduated as a profesional photographer at Escuela de Fotografía Creativa de Andy Goldstein.(ARG)
Nowadays I’m studying a specialization in Sound Art at the UNTREF. I also study drawing and painting with visual artist José Marchi and am also attending a sound tutorship with sound artist Ulises Conti.
As an artist, I work with ecology as a way of living. In a world collapsed by media, I look for silence; an ecology of words, of images, of sounds.
In the Sound arts, I work with natural resources, using field recordings and my own voice.
In the visual arts, I work with residuals and left overs (fabrics and paper) and natural dyes.
As regards Photography, I showed my photographs two years in a row at Promenades Photographiquesfestival in 2015 and 2016(Paris and Vendome, France). I was a winner of the ANI PRIXto best artistic portfolio 2015, given by ANI (France’s National Asocciation of Iconography) and was part of a group exhibition at the Festival de la luz (ARG)