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Σταλακτίτης, la vita nella materia | ROBERT PAN

Nuova Galleria Morone presents the solo exhibition of artist Robert Pan (Bolzano, 1969) entitled Σταλακτίτης, life in matter: a new cycle of unedited works, the result of the last two years of work.
The Greek word σταλακτίτης, stalactite, derives from the verb σταλάζω, which means to drip, a slow and continuous precipitation, which over time gives form to this extraordinarily fascinating element with atypical conformations, which cannot be ascribed within a single aesthetic typology.
Matter and layering are also protagonists in Robert Pan’s works, which involve a careful and artificial analytical operation, which consists, as a first procedure, in constantly dripping layers of pigments and resins onto mesh supports, alternating the overlapping of materials, corrosion, sanding and polishing.
The material thus becomes an indispensable condition, but whereas in the formation of stalactites the moulding element is water, in Robert Pan’s works it is pigment, resin and fire, which becomes the forging principle.
A slow and continuous work of addition and subtraction, which is in harmony with the sequences and times of oriental philosophies: a sort of mantra, which is repeated for months, years, allowing the colour and resin to take on consistency, to solidify, and then to be polished, alternating more or less polishing, so that at certain precise points, the material and symbolic elements emerge “from the abyss” and come to the surface. Here appears a universe of colours, shapes, micro-organisms, microcosms of infinite hues, allowing us to travel with our eyes, but also with our imagination, leading us to other worlds, perhaps sidereal, light years away, or closer, present within each of us, deep within our dreamlike visions or our eyes, and which Robert Pan succeeds in bringing to the surface.

Robert Pan has been working with resin for twentyfive years, creating worlds.
Peter Weiermair calls him an alchemist of colour, and Danilo Eccher calls him a poet «of uncertainity of perception and appearance».
His artwork are colourful objects, always results of an experimental production process. Though remaining formally abstract they remind us of macro- and micro shapes in nature, celestial landscapes or geologic structures—and leave space for imagination.

23 november 2023
23.11.2023 | 10.02.2024
curated by:
Alberto Mattia Martini
Robert Pan
Exhibitions, Past