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Nuova Galleria Morone presents the group exhibition ‘Una giornata’ (One Day) curated by Roberto Lacarbonara.

The exhibition is conceived from the works of eight Italian and international artists who place time, – the Bergsonian relationship between subjective experience and measure, the perception of places and actions as a function of atmospheres, sensations and personal imagination – at the centre of their sign, pictorial and photographic research.

If the works emerge from a methodological practice of great rationality and preordained design principles, their aesthetics define an ephemeral, transitory, vulnerable condition, where it is the slight and nuanced variations that sample a space often devoid of representation, but densely acted upon by having spent that time, that experience.

The works on display arise from processes of prolonged observation of natural phenomena – such as clouds, streams of water, apparent movements of shadows and light – or of barely perceptible changes in the physical appearance of an individual, of a place.

What really needs to be rediscovered and hard-won – in the time of the hypertrophic and immediately available image – is the possibility of truly feeling, of touching the unpredictable wonder of things that are near, the exclusive microcosm only capable of revealing itself by abandoning the false certainty of our presumed references and returning to question every day, once again, the sentimental quality of time, its inexhaustible poeticity. Each work is the harvest gathered by the artists at the end of a day.

On the occasion of MILAN MUSEOCITY 2024 (1 – 5 March 2024) and thanks to the participation of Fondazione Piero Manzoni, the work by Piero Manzoni (Soncino, 1933 – Milan, 1963) entitled Linea m 15.81 (1959) will be on display for the entire duration of the exhibition.

29 February 2024
29.02 | 20.04.2024
Curated by:
Roberto Lacarbonara
Silvia Celeste Calcagno, Marco Grimaldi, Antonio Marchetti Lamera, Piero MAnzoni, Mathew McWilliams, Zed Nelson, Roman Opalka, Mariateresa Sartori
Exhibitions, Past