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ALFABETA | Andrea Bianconi

Nuova Galleria Morone presents αlfaβeta in the space of the project room.
The title of the project refers to the articulated world of signs, words and images in the artist’s research. This exhibition includes drawings, objects and a large-scale site-specific wall installation.
The directional concept of the human path takes place, through the game of arrows in the wall drawing, the speed and the desire to give an image to the language.
Bianconi expresses himself through different languages and media, in a whirlwind of “signals” obsessively repeated, which create a journey in the recesses of languages, a “Fantastic Planet”.
αlfaβeta revolves around the progression of language. By speaking and repeating words, the artist attempts to explain the meaning of this “Fantastic Planet”. The project becomes an obsessive act and endless quest to find where a “Fantastic Planet” exists.
Around these ideas the exhibition develops as a warning and an intellectual provocation, with objects, elements and signs. It is a perpetual motion made of labyrinths, in an eclectic vocabulary that belongs to the interior world of Andrea Bianconi.

16 Maggio 2018
16.05 | 06.07.2018
Past, Project Room