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back in black | julio blancas

Julio Blancas wanders, see things, reflects about nature and nourishes himself from different forms to create new landscapes. Working mostly exclusively with graphite, over different surfaces, Julio draws and draws with nature as the starting point, with the reference of a landscape that at the end of the process is consigned to a simple anecdote.
His method is obstinate and simple: darkens the surfaces through the repetition of the essential graphic gesture, the line. A line always draw with graphite reflects accurately the different light gradations, and build forms born from opacity, from the total blackness, thanks to an exquisite organization of the established surface to make the reflection of the exterior light finish the work.
Julio Blancas works with the arguments of memory. He simulates natural landscapes, but they are mental landscapes, arranged with a strong structural sense that responds to a determined goal and intention.
In this way, the artist finds his paradox establishing a trial between the pictorial surface, paper, canvas or metal, and the graphite line as the only gesture.
This exhibition, the first one in Italy brings together his works on paper, his works and wood and two monumental pieces that cover the Gallery as if they were fragments of darkened skin. Windows that allow us to get closer to his intense dark walk through luminous landscapes.
Julio Blancas (Las Palmas de G.C, 1967). Has exhibited in galleries of Spain and Germany. His work can be found in important collections such as the TEA, CAAM in tenerife or Bischofberger Collection in Switzerland.

24 november 2011
24.11.2011 | 21.01.2012
Julio Blancas
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