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I luoghi dell’immagine | Marco Grimaldi & Matteo Montani

Marco Grimaldi, an artist from Bergamo and Matteo Montani, a Roman artist, meet for the first time in the space of a gallery, through an intense dialogue in a common area of investigation, the painting as a “place of the image.”
Using different media, the sandpaper for Montani and the canvas of cotton for Grimaldi, both artists aim for a “making art” as a revelation of the epiphany of reality, landing to outcomes of diverse images but linked by the affinity of an introspective coding of reality.
In the exhibition, a dozen of large and small works, and a site-specific installation of Montani.

10 february 2012
10.02 | 24.03.2012
curated by:
Davide Sarchioni
Matteo Montani
Exhibitions, Past