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Nuova Galleria Morone in collaboration with Archivio and Fondazione Maria Lai, presents the solo exhibition of Maria Lai (1919-2013) entitled Sul filo dell’infinito, accompanied by a text by Gabi Scardi. The exhibition is a tribute to the artist on the occasion of the decennial of her first exhibition at the Gallery and to commemorate the tenth anniversary of her death.

Through a selection of representative works, Sul filo dell’infinito proposes an anthropological investigation through the narration of the enchanted and mythological world of Maria Lai, starting from the legendary figures of the Janas, ancient divinities who, according to Sardinian tradition, spent their time weaving. This action, the focus of the artist’s work, becomes the subject of a solitary meditation, an intimate reflection on tradition, which poetically reconstructs a connection between the archaic past and the present.

The pieces in the exhibition express the polymateric nature that characterises Maria Lai’s work:  Scialle delle Janas, a series of terracotta tablets on which the patterns of traditional textiles are imprinted;  Muro, made of cement with enamelled terracotta; Geografie, geometries of white threads on black velvet; Libri cuciti, books of fabrics with illegible texts that, between the pages, reveal a poetic universe. Terracotta, cement, fabric, threads, velvet, enamel and tempera create a personal symphony of materials and techniques that question the recognition of the most elementary forms.

The catalogue will be presented during the exhibition.

16 february 2023
16.02 | 22.04.2023
Maria Lai
Exhibitions, Past