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Nuova Galleria Morone presents the bi-personal exhibition by Andrighetto (Treviso, 1979) and Ferri (Tarquinia, 1968) and entitled Strutturazione e Ristrutturazione, curated by Marcello Carriero.
The exhibition does not stand as a simple dialogue between the two artists but rather as a movement of one toward the other and vice versa.
Through a selection of representative works, this exhibition proposes an investigation of two contiguous concepts, Structuring and Renovation, with which we do not intend to investigate the theme of recovery or restoration rather than to draw up an estimate of damage. Renovation, in fact, always occurs because of the recognition of a crisis. On the other hand, structuring sees a sustain in the contribution of the parts to a uniform whole. These two sites are thus metaphors for a generation and regeneration, in which the transition from matter to ruin, from dismay at collapse to contemplation of what remains remains, becomes central. Two different but complementary artists who each elaborate in their own way, in a highly contemporary way, the reestablishment of the structural integrity of human dignity through the compensation of the centrality of the work in the discourse of art. Ferri in his works collapses the stability of the image by making the object unstable. Andrighetto, on the other hand, takes this “unstable balance” to the limit of decollage by presenting his works as a disintegrating event that marks, with collapse, the end of compactness and the dialectical relationship between sign and surface.

Marco Ferri (Tarquinia, 1968) immediately started his research and experimentation of a language that was able to express and transform reality with an informal poetic approach. Memory, the passing of time and awe at the beauty of the world are his stylistic hallmarks. Sculptor, ceramist and painter, he tries, through matter, to give abstract form to what cannot be seen, but can be felt inside. Ferri explores everything he finds in his world: paper, colours, wax, wood, iron, glass, the manipulation of materials becomes the means to construct a new reality.
Marco Andrighetto (Treviso, 1979) graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, painting department. He teaches graphic painting and scenography disciplines. He lives and works in Treviso. His work ranges between painting, drawing and site-specific interventions. Starting from the analysis of various landscapes, decadents building or disused advertising panels, Andrighetto carries out a recuperation work that adopts a holistic approach, his artist’s eye to identify, first of all, the meaning and direction to be given to those recesses in order to give them back to life with another vision, the enlarged and expanded vision of the work.

11 may 2023
11.05 | 07.07.2023
Marcello Carriero
Marco Andrighetto | Marco Ferri
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