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There will be oil | Eltjon Valle

In this first exhibition that takes place within the spaces of the Morone Gallery, the Albanian artist presents a series of new works, which consists of paintings and sculptures, that are part of The Marinz Project. This is the main project in which the artist worked for years, dealing carefully with the delicate human geography of the present.
The category mainly evoked in this exhibition, is the ephemeral. Life in all its brevity, like a ray of light passing through a thick darkness, making it even darker when it turnes off. Butterflies and insects, rather than other ephemeral forms of organic life are documented here in a state of rest, but it is the devasted peace after the storm. The fragility of life is felt in every square centimeter of the work of Eltjon Valle.
The artist becomes a naturalist, or rather, a fellow researcher that is doing an autopsy of nature, and of her anatomy. The artist is no more dealing with human body, but he’s operating an autopsy of the earth.

21 november 2013
21.11.2013 | 01.02.2014
curated by:
Francesco Poli
Exhibitions, Past