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Nuova Galleria Morone is pleased to present the exhibition Tre sguardi in macchina curated by Elisabetta Longari, featuring the works of Adriano Altamira, Ugo La Pietra and Franco Vaccari.

Three artists who intersect their linguistic investigations and personal experiences in the early 1970s, with different sensitivities and interests but with many points of contact including, of course, the use of photography.
Having direct access to the archives of Altamira and La Pietra, the exhibition releases the linguistic laboratory flavour of those years.
The works by Adriano Altamira, selected together with the artist, focus on the attention with which the author decodes the images of mass communication according to a Warburgian criterion.
Ugo La Pietra’s works, selected directly with him, all focus on the search for forms that constitute a valid alternative to the alienation imposed above all through the organisation of public spaces.
An investigation, that of Franco Vaccari, which takes into consideration creative mechanisms not as the exclusive prerogative of artists, but rather as a flux capable of spreading and perhaps modifying the world.
Three examples of the declination of that symbiosis between art and life typical of the 1970s that has returned to the limelight with urgency in recent years as an inescapable node.

22 september 2022
22.09 | 19.11.2022
Elisabetta Longari
Adriano Altamira, Ugo La Pietra, Franco Vaccari
Exhibitions, Past