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6 Pittori alla Morone. Omaggio a Enzo Spadon

Nuova Galleria Morone presents 6 Pittori alla Morone, an exhibition in homage to Galleria Morone and its recently deceased founder, Enzo Spadon. Through the works of Spadon’s ‘stable’ of artists – Enrico Della Torre, Riccardo Guarneri, Gianni Madella, Claudio Olivieri, Mario Raciti, Valentino Vago – the exhibition retraces the fundamental stages in the history of a gallery which, like Galleria Morone, left its mark on Milan in the second half of the 20th century. The works will be exhibited at Nuova Galleria Morone from 13 March 2021.

6 pittori alla Morone (6 painters at Morone Gallery) recalls and encompasses many of the exhibitions that Enzo Spadon held on the group of young artists who frequented his gallery. Nuova Galleria Morone proposes to pay homage to the history of the Morone Gallery by presenting the artists of Enzo Spadon’s generation who, with their abstract, lyrical painting, best expressed the artistic choices of the gallery and the interests of the gallery owner himself. The historical-photographic narration of the exhibitions and memorable encounters that took place at Galleria Morone is interwoven with the most significant works (from the 70s and 80s) of this group of artists.

Enzo Spadon’s intuition and audacity enabled the creation of a dialogue between the now established Italian and international artists such as Lucio Fontana, Fausto Melotti, Hans Hartung and Alexander Calder and the group of artists from his ‘stable’. Spadon, in fact, was the first to believe in the potential of these artists – both Milanese and non-Milanese – and to include them in his exhibition programme. From Vago’s ethereal drafts of colour to Madella’s lyrical synthesis of shapes and colours; from Guarneri’s subtle geometric balances to Olivieri’s indistinct chromatic stratifications; from Della Torre’s free geometries to Mario Raciti’s balance between refined presences and painful absences, here is a description of the abstract lyrical research of Milan in the 70s and 80s.

13 marzo 2021
curated by:
Diego Viapiana
Enrico Della Torre (1934) Riccardo Guarneri (1933) Gianni Madella (1931) Claudio Olivieri (1934 - 2019) Mario Raciti (1934) Valentino Vago (1931 - 2018)
Exhibitions, Past