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La forma del colore | Nataly Maier

Nataly Maier’s path unfolds in different moments of research always centred around a fundamental investigation, which innervates every work of the author with meaning. This coherent path is evoked by the works presented in this exhibition, built on the dialectic harmony between pieces from different moments. It is visually evident how Maier’s reflection has taken place over time as an answer to a profound questioning of the nature and characteristics of artistic representation and consequently also of the process underlying looking. A reflection that has never stopped at the mere theoretical presupposition of artistic practice, but has been embodied in every phase of its practice, always set on the register of passionate investigation and cunning and accurate doing.
The first stage is represented by the photosculptures, very original expressions that return with incredible effectiveness the paradox underlying photography, whose evocative force is expressed through a reduction of the real to the two-dimensional plane. From that moment on, photography becomes an expressive tool alongside painting and its potential is developed in different and always new expressive solutions.
Maier’s path, therefore, takes place on the conceptual level of analysis and is manifested in each work in the interweaving of form and colour. Light becomes fundamental as a unifying element and pivot of vision, an essential component in experimenting versatility in a traditional medium such as painting.


The exhibition is part of the program Palinsesto 2020 “I talenti delle donne” dedicated to the protagonism of women in culture and creative thinking, promoted and coordinated by Comune di Milano|Cultura

December 2020 | 06.03.2021
Curated by:
Cristina Casero
Exhibitions, Past