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Bless this house | Silvia Celeste Calcagno

Intense and subtle, feminine and powerful, Silva Celeste Calcagno chronicles our time exposing the human condition subjective to the dichotomies of day-to-day life and the universal themes imbedded within: life, pain, death and rebirth.
The artist’s personal show unites works of different media, technical and conceptual approaches. Slowly evolving video and noisy, repetitive moving film scenes, metaphors of change, destruction and rebirth, mix with large-scale installations of arranged groups of one-off photographic images of the artist’s body parts or face, printed and burned into slabs of fired clay.
‘Eye Verbal Motor, hitherto unseen, shows Calcagno’s disfigured face. The penetrating mask-like representations are strangely still and the more intense for that. Transfiguration and estrangement are key themes in Calcagno’s work and the citations within lead into an intimate and universal reading, allowing a glimpse into the personal condition of the artist and inviting reflection on existence.

16 january 2020
16-01 | 07.03.2020
Exhibitions, Past