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Cuts | Hubert Kostner

In his mostly small sculptures and paintings, Hubert Kostner proceeds from the landscapes of his immediate environment and deviates from them in many different ways. The artist often takes photographs of found pieces of wood and combines them with en miniature architectonic elements to give the impression of mountain scenes with a hotel or a belvedere.
A glance focuses on works whose presentation may seem quite cliché-like; a second glance reveals contrasts and ruptures. This ironic dimension may then induce the spectator o indulge in a critical dilemma. Surely the artist wants to criticize, to draw attention to a certain situation that scares him and puts him off. Disputable, however, is whether or not he believes he can bring about a change, although he seems to be hoping that alienation could facilitate an insight. Comicality, his manner of alienation, plays a vital role and is not necessarily reconciliatory. Duerrenmatt has made it clear that comicality does not inevitably alleviate problems; quite the reverse, it can render them even more pressing. Comicality also deprives the tragic of its dignity.

19 november 2015
19.11.2015 | 09.01.2016
Hubert Kostner
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