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Nuova Galleria Morone presents Fluoritura, Enrico Minguzzi’s first solo show in the spaces of the gallery. The exhibition depicts a journey through the artist’s memory and imagination. The event presents his new series representing a wide range of subjects, from landscapes to still lives which are all part of an imaginary ecosystem. The works will be on display at the Nuova Galleria Morone from October 28th to December 18th, 2021.

Fluoritura is about a promenade through the woods that the artist has experienced and stored in the archives of his memory. However, these are edited, altered and reworked. Perceptions are often deceptive, therefore reality and fiction can easily be confused in an image. The artist enhances this eternal dichotomy through his choice of colours and painting techniques. Fluorescent pigments are mixed with resins to create dystopian forms, balanced by the use of dark tones in a succession of transparent glazes. Tradition and experimentation, dark and bright, painting and anti-painting are just some of the contrasts that drive the vision of Enrico Minguzzi’s works.

Following Minguzzi’s creative process, the title of the exhibition is inspired by the English word Fluorishing (‘flourishing’, ‘luxuriant’). Resurfacing in the artist’s memory, the term was translated into Italian and transformed into a play on words between the flowering of plants and the fluorescent nature of the organisms that are the main subject of his compositions. The result is a eulogy to the lush and brilliant nature that makes up his ecosystem.

28 ottobre 2021
28.10 | 18.12.2021
Exhibitions, Past