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Io(T)>>(W) – from Internet of Things to Internet of Wonder | Davide Coltro

Nuova Galleria Morone presents Davide Coltro’s personal exhibition Io(T)>>(W) – From Internet of Things to Internet of Wonder, an excursus about the project“ Quadro Elettronico” on which the artist based his theoretical reflection. The impact of technology on art history spurs him to use the “genres of painting” as tools to investigate the mystery of the image until reaching the “painting beyond matter” that animates his works.

Gartner Inc. is a big American company of strategic consulting, a multinational of reasoned information, an observatory that helps important people to make important decisions.

With the work of his analysts, the artist gave rise to a study that defined the fundamental lines of the global technological tendency called “IoT”, Internet of Things. 

The artworks are objects. Surely with a respectful position in a person’s properties but they remain always “things” that can become “smart and connected”. Thus, “Quadro Elettronico” as an artwork fits fully into this universe which is still in a magmatic phase under development.

Things along with other things, data streams that converge in large arteries of “Big Data” and measures of containing capacities closer and closer to astronomical distances. Nevertheless, some questions arise: what place will the arts and creative thought activities have, that is everything that builds the spirit and educates man about the values that make him existing as a human being under the heavenly vault? And again: what contribution can artists, thinkers, authors of any creation give? What about those who try to put their inner life in order and try to help others?

It is possible to accept these urgencies as “signs of the times”. The work of Davide Coltro firmly rejects every utopia of a perfect world and is aimed at seeking a window of intervention, a minimum chance of contributing to a positive orientation in the relationship between art and technology. He imagines a horizon capable of accommodating the efforts to build the spirit, the culture and the promotion of the sense of life, the natural inclination of man towards wellbeing and happiness.

Here is the idea of an IoW (Internet of Wonder) within the digital revolutions we are experiencing. The global network that now innervates the world as a space of infinite dimensions capable of accommodating projects and objects with technological potentials able to generate aesthetic experiences of awe and wonder (always fields of competence of the arts).

“Quadro Elettronico”, as the first element that populates the space Io(W), is a real contribution and is placed in the area not yet cataloged by the formidable rationality of the new media. Thus Coltro, by creating a flow of aesthetic experiences, distributes them on his “remote artistic terminals”. The screens become teleelectrics that relate author and users, transforming the latter into active”spectators” involved in a construction of meaning.

Born in Verona in 1967 he lives and works in Milan.

His artworks and electronic works have been acquired and exhibited in important museums and collections such as: Museo Palazzo Forti -Verona, Collezione VAF Stiftung – Francoforte, Panza di Biumo – Varese, Galleria Civica Ezio Mariani – Seregno, Collezione Unicredit – Milano; Galleria d’Arte Sacra del Contemporaneo GASC , Milano – Museum of Modern Art – Mosca, Museo ZKM – Karlsruhe, Urban Planing Center – Shangai, Etagi Loft Project – San Pietroburgo, Centro Luigi Pecci – Prato, Collezione Farnesina – Roma, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto MART – Rovereto, Marca di Catanzaro – Galleria Civica di Trento

29 November 2018
29.11.2018 | 18.01.2019
Davide Coltro
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