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Tempo Numeri Spazi | Eros Bonamini

Nuova Galleria Morone presents Eros Bonamini’s personal exhibition Tempo Numeri Spazi curated by Francesco Tedeschi.

Eros Bonamini (Verona 1942-2012) made his first appearance in the contemporary art scene during the mid-seventies, in the field of research related to analytical painting.
His first exhibitions took place in Verona at Galleria dello Scudo and Galleria Ferrari, which, for some years, followed closely his work. In a short period of time, Bonamini, from a painting based on the variants of monochrome, began to work with material layers through the adoption of cement as a chromatic material on which he traced signs in the form of writing and measuring of time, experimenting with different solutions of analysis.

In “Cronotopografie”, time becomes an operating element of the artist’s poetry. From that moment, the temporal factor, which assumed characteristics of great attentions and precision without loosing poetic features, is a persistent state in his activities. 

The exhibitions within the gallery is carefully focused on “Cronotopografie” and “Segni” (signs) typical of the 80’s. 

A creative process in which time is the constant subject, that is the registration through tracks that record its flowing. However, the succession of writings realized in the declared space gives rise to further developments that contain the values on which they are based.
Artworks that reveal a new enunciative conception, beside deriving from a process that generates pictorial forms which explicitly assume the shape of “Parole” (words) and “Numeri” (numbers). Some following declinations, where traces of time are traduced in precise sequences of punctiform and labyrinthine scars or in slabs and charred edges, will be exhibited. They are built with the fury of the action on mirrored metals and plexiglas, where the blunt object is the metronome of the repeated and violent action while the mirroring and deforming surface increasingly involves the spectator in the process of consumption of time and existence in the space.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the monographs curated by Francesco Tedeschi, edited by Skira in collaboration with VAFstiftung and presented on the 16th of January 2019 at the Galleria Nazionale in Rome. Among others, the artist is cited by Mario Bertoni, Ilaria Bignotti, Corrado Bosi, Luciano Caramel, Claudio Cerritelli, Giorgio Cortenova, Giorgio Di Genova, Gianpaolo Ferrari, Licisco Magagnato, Marco Meneguzzo, Filiberto Menna, Antonella Montenovesi, Patrizia Nuzzo, Anna Maria Sandonà, Toni Toniato, Alberto Veca e Francesco Tedeschi.

His artworks can be found in prestigious public and private collections such as Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Palazzo Forti in Verona, Mart di Rovereto, Museo d’Arte delle Generazioni Italiane del 900 “G. Bargellini” di Pieve di Cento, Museion di Bolzano, Museo Casabianca di Malo, Gallerie d’Italia di Milano and Galleria Nazionale di Roma.

7 February 2019
07.02 | 17.04.2019
Francesco Tedeschi
Exhibitions, Past