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The long walk home | Alec Von Bargen

Nuova Galleria Morone is pleased to present the first italian show of an American photographer living in Mexico, Alec Von Bargen, already selected for the last Venice Biennale Pavilion of Costa Rica
Alec Von Bargen: professional artist, photographer, inspiration, professional actor, but most travelers.
”The Long Walk Home,” a photographic exhibition in which Alec Von Bargen explores the international crisis of refugees and desperate.
Topical subject in terms of socio-political.
People who are looking for themselves and need to find their place and their own identification in this world. A long and full of difficulty, a silent march to a territory that is often hostile and that brings in dark directions. The journey in this way can be compared to an escape, a reflection of the individual, almost antisocial gesture. The traveler, through this long journey, which runs for not submitting. Escape from the state, family, and also from all over himself. This gesture is similar to a protest. It’s a long journey in search of life, to smile, to settle and break free. Search for your statement does not dissolve, not to be a ghost in the gaseous magma everyday social.
Work on “The Long Walk Home” are abstract puzzle born from moments and fleeting encounters, conversations and even forget to remember, as angry voices that fade.
It is the testimony, even, of people moving in and out of our lives. Relationships fleeting and forgotten without leaving anything in our lives.
”The long walk home” we are ourselves immersed in our thoughts, absorbed in the journey to return home with our problems, our fears, our joys, the looks that cross the city and the noise that surrounds us.

20 september 2012
20.09 | 10.11.2012
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