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Absolute Painting | Cveto Marsič

Cveto Marsič, Koper, Slovenia 1960. Graduated in 1982 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, where he received a classical education in drawing and painting. Linked to the New Slovenian Image and therefore related to the light and ironic figurative painting that triumphs in Europe after the outbreak of the Italian Transvanguardia and the Central-European Neo-Expressionism. Marsič´s painting continue the informalist tradition, that is nourished by a specific personal imprint and produces the quality of the painting paste, which is made of earth and evokes the landscape itself. On his trip to Spain, and after passing through Seville, his work begins to integrate notions of a lyrical abstraction, like powerful elements of light and colour.
The colour vanishes during the period of the war in Yugoslavia. Again the figurative painting appears, but the works become more austere and achromatic, losing the inclination towards colour and light. The landscapes and the roads mark the following intense period of work. The theme of fertility, as a need for renewed hope or as an obsession after the war, reflects a period of tranquillity. Then comes the period of the nest, that represents the “home, homeland, but also the germinal bed linked to the land, to the own blood, family and life”.

27 november 2014
27.11.2014 | 31.01.2015
Cveto Marsič
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