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Roberto Rizzo (1967) is a painter, in the most complete sense of the word, beyond the easy and convenient label of “figurative“ and “abstract“ painters. Since the mid 80’s, his research has a dialectic relation with the world that surround him but also with Art History. He has a deep reflection, a complete stance fronting a more and more compliant artistic panorama.
We live in a maddened consumer society, not only in the economic sense of the word. In our era, pictures are devalued and often lose their meaning.
Rizzo follows the footsteps of Fontana, Burri, Castellani, Lo Savio. These cutting-edge artists were aware of the history that precede them. As for them and for him, painting needs to enter an historic perspectiv.
“I don’t deplore the dogmatism of the modern form, but I consider that any type of thought has to be conveying in a form to survive and build culture.“
Roberto Rizzo’s will isn’t to propose an ultimate point of view but rather to claim his legitimate willingmess to take part to the art that search the absolute.
His works have a dialectical relation with space. These are boards with rounded angles and blunt sides. They have the same function than the framework from the past: conciliate the inside to the outside.

24 november 2016
24.11 | 27.01.2017
curated by:
Angela Madesani
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