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LOUNGE N.2: Gramáticas del contacto | Pipo Hernández Rivero

The artworks of Pipo Hernandéz Rivero (Gran Canaria, 1966) question every existing cultural certainty. They emphasize the complexity of the possibilities of painting in the 21st century, questioning its boundaries and the perception of the value of art by stressing its traditional notions and proposing a revision of painting starting from formal and conceptual structures which subtend references to the failure of artistic vanguards.
In his second personal exhibition at Nuova Galleria Morone, the artist try to restore life to the artworks’ roles. In order to disturb the cognitive order established for the artworks, Pipo Hernández Rivero works with the elements that traditionally compose history of art. Indeed, these are reinterpreted and associated with typical daily objects belonging to the human sphere. The artworks, in this way, carry the viewer to an environment where the artwork coexists in the space of intimacy, subverting its public and expositive nature.
The research of the sense of art within modern society is the main investigation of the recent artworks of the Spanish artist Pipo Hernández. He indeed deals with questions linked to the mutations and ambivalences that, since last century, continue to impose their presences in nowadays society. With a parodistic and provocative tone, the artist critically faces these issues with the conceptual complicity of one of the oldest human impulses: the urgency of contact.

19 September 2019
19-09 | 31.10.2019
Exhibitions, Past